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Differential Air Pressure Sensors
Differential Air Pressure Sensors

DPS sensors (Differential Pressure) are used to monitor the efficiency of the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), the device that reduces emissions of particulate matter, by detecting when it is clogged.
The DPS detects a variation of pressure between the inlet and outlet of the DPF, so that the Engine Control Unit can command the start of the cycle of regeneration, in other words the cleaning, of the DPF.
DPS are also fitted to braking systems to check, for example, the value of depression of the power assistance compared to ambient pressure.
The Gauge typology, on the other hand, is fitted to the intake manifold, to detect the pressure of the intake air and compare it to outside atmospheric pressure, so that the Engine Control Unit can adjust the air intake on the basis of the variation of outside atmospheric pressure.