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Online catalogs

The entire range of our products in your pocket or in the palm of one hand: today the online catalogs of the Facet, EPS and KW brands are accessible everywhere. Perfectly integrated in the web site, they offer an optimized search for each device, from your desktop computer to your smart phone.

Once you have selected the brand of interest, you can search among the 4500+ references for vehicles and product families, for codes or similar types. The available filters and the functions of the catalog have been designed according to the needs of the clients, following their directions and suggestions, using our long experience: because "our" catalog continues to be "their" work tool.

Printed Catalogs

It's been over 50 years since the edition of the first Facet catalog, with a few pages and elegant technical drawings.
Much has changed since then, but not the care with which we make our traditional bound catalogues, always appreciated by our customers.

The ease of use and accuracy of the information, complete and up to date, make it  a working tool to keep on hand learning about general characteristics, temperature and operating pressures, dimensions and other technical details about our products.

The information format includes:

  - an illustrated section completed with our codes, the corresponding original numbers and their applications (vehicles, models)

  - the application guide, which shows all vehicle brands, models and versions

  - comparative table between our codes and those of the vehicle manufacturers and / or manufacturers of original parts.

FACET Catalogs

KW Catalogs

EPS Catalogs