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The manufacturing process with high levels of technology

The automotive market gives us new challenges every day: the vehicle models are multiplied, the components become more complex and refined. In this scenario, our commitment for innovation increases, and there can be no innovation without solid and multi-faceted skills.
Herein lays the strength of Facet: we master an extraordinarily wide mix of technologies, components and materials - from the processing of basic electronics, to high precision mechanics - and we apply it in a highly automated production processes.
This allows us to create internally very complex products that others must integrate using  third parties; this is why we have such a complete range.
Managing the process "end - to - end", from the design, to the engineering, up to the final inspection, also means being able to control and guarantee the quality of our products.


Inventing a product is a creative and analytical process, which needs at the same time insight, expertise and method.
For insight and expertise we rely on our team of engineers and technicians, which is able to develop products with the most modern CAD systems for mechanical and electronic design, such as conducting research and analysis on the materials, and coming to frequently create components which are better than the originals, because they are made with superior materials and technologies.
The method consists in working according to the standard methodologies of APQP - Advanced Product Quality Planning, in a framework that allows us to understand from the first stage if the development of the product is suitable for the set standards we want to offer our customers.
For us, project management is synonymous with quality and time - to - market.


At this stage we know how to astonish our customers and partners: our production cycle has advanced automation and internal management of very different technologies. Injection moulding, PCB electric circuits and ceramic circuits manufacturing, cutting and welding represent some of our qualifying technologies. 
Only for very established processes and technologies, such as plastic moulding, we rely on supplier partners, whose work is perfectly integrated into our supply chain.
But mainly the automation represents our standard of excellence: the production lines developed in co - design with the manufacturers allow us to achieve high levels of quality and relevant figures.

Testing and Quality control

The standardization and automation of processes allow us to produce high-end products, but the quality should never be taken for granted.
For this reason, we test our products regularly and subjected them to verification cycles that simulate repeated and intensive use: turning on and off, thermal shock, vibration; any condition of stress that the parts encounter in a car in their life cycle can be reproduced in our laboratory.
The post - production control procedure, performed on samples, completes the verification cycle.

Logistics and customer care

The time and the way in which we deliver products to our customers are as important as the quality and commitment to make them: for this reason we are very careful with logistics and customer service.

Two automated warehouses at the main premises in Collegno and an external Logistics Centre in the new Orbassano plant allow us to arrange a fast, efficient and flexible delivery service, with a capacity of about 1,500 purchase order lines / day.

We dedicate ourselves daily to ensure an efficient management, so that our customers can really trust and rely on us: more than 98% of the orders we receive are processed and delivered on time.

To assist our customers, we have also adopted a CRM platform among the most advanced on the market, based on cloud computing technology, which allows the integration of market information with the specific activities of each customer, to provide accurate and complete assistance.