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Innovation Manufacturers since 1946

Since 1946, here at Facet we design, manufacture and distribute car spare parts.  
From sensors to thermostats, ignition components to switches, our 4,500 products make one of the most complete ranges on the market, with a particularly high coverage of the European, Japanese and Korean brands.  
We are proud to have customers and partners that have chosen us as their preferred suppliers and with whom we have been working for decades.

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We have 75 years of experience, but we are always striving
to innovate

From 1946 till today, cars have changed a lot, and with them our customers needs. We have experienced these transformations from a privileged perspective, accumulating a solid experience which continues to grow. Our research and development team selects the most efficient materials, innovative technologies, automatic production processes: this is why we can introduce in our catalogue more than 150 new articles each year. It is our way of responding to the market demands and contribute to making cars maintenance more advanced and reliable, less expensive and less polluting. 

We produce everything we sell

Facet products are designed, manufactured, and tested internally and the external works are entrusted to selected partners, that operate in an integrated manner with our processes, following our standards, and using technologies and systems supplied by us.  
This is the only way we can ensure to those who choose Facet spare parts a quality equal, if not superior, to that of the original components, at competitive prices.

We win our customers with our range of products,
they work with us for our reliability

Who buy our products wants to receive exactly what he has ordered, in the right place, at the right time; the market does not wait.
To quickly get where there’s a need, we have created a widespread network of distributors, and an efficient logistic system to always guarantee a complete, accurate and timely delivery, a goal to which we devote the greatest care each day.

Commitment and passion for three generations

We are a family business and, from generation to generation, we have strongly maintained the values which inspire our work: love for our work, dedication and unwavering commitment to improve. Independent in our choices, we believe that customers are won and kept with quality products and excellent service.