Why choosing a Facet thermostat
Why choosing a Facet thermostat

Continuous research and development activity

  • Facet manufactures thermostats with housings of even very complex shapes and fitted with junctions for  engine cooling circuits and transmitters for temperature control.


Full compatibility and functional equivalence with the OE

  • Compliance with Manufacturers' quality standards
  • Dimensional and mounting tests
  • Functional tests
  • Reliability tests(endurance, thermal shock, vibration, ...)

 Made to last

  • Careful selection of the most efficient materials in response to the most frequent causes of failure / breakage.
  • Search of continuous improvement

Pioneers of improvement

  • The innovation of Facet was sometimes pioneering in adoption of improving solutions.

R & D Facet team innovative choices has been often followed from OE manufacturer, thanks to a real improvement of the durability and reliability of the product.


• Examples of Facet improving solutions: 7.8672, 7.8699 thermostats

Original equivalent parts have often encountered problems of breakage of the plastic junction.

Facet adopted an improving solution using a metal fitting.

After this Facet change also OE producers have adopted the metal fitting junction.


• Uncompromising quality at every stage of the production cycle

Since 1946 complete internal "end-to-end" process management  from design, to the final quality tests.

Facet expertise is a guarantee of maximum quality and safety of all products.