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Facet on Social Network with Ema motorsport!
Facet on Social Network with Ema motorsport!

Take a look at our  Facebook and Youtube profiles!

Thanks to the agreement with Emanuele Sabatino, aka Ema Motorsport, we have started to produce a series of technical videos filmed in Facet, to enhance the production made in Italy and give evidence of how we design and produce quality products.


Who is Ema Motorsport?
He is an expert mechanic who, thanks to his great communication skills, high competences on the field and above all the incredible ability to explain products features with a very simple and immediate language, has become very popular on social networks in a very short time (197,000 followers on Facebook and 62.000 followers on Youtube).

Why did we choose him for our communication?
Because we want to reach its audience by spreading the qualities and values ​​of Facet and giving greater visibility to all our distributors, who with competence and professionalism promote Facet company as a producer of excellence in Italy and in the world.
We want to create a strong base of our pages followers, that will be converted into an ever wider pool of potential new buyers, thus increasing the demand of the product to our distributors.

The success of this initiative also depends on your contribution!
Send us pictures of your offices, warehouses and collaborators that you want to be published, share the contents we publish on your social channels ()

Thank you for your support and enjoy!