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This month Highlights: Facet WSS Sensors

Explication equivalence entre nos réfs. et réfs d’origine


Why choosing a Facet thermostat

Careful selection of the most efficient materials in response to the most frequent causes of failure / breakage.

Search of continuous performance improvement

OE Equivalent Spare Parts have the same quality and the same warranty as original spare parts

Thanks to Monti Regulation (BER EU 1400/2002 Law of 31.07.2002 amended on 27.05.2010 with the NEW BER EU 462/2010), all customers have the opportunity to buy aftermarket parts to maintain and service their vehicle. It further preserves and protects the quality assurance (of the parts fitted) without legally affecting the Vehicle Manufactures warranty.

Better performance also for vintage cars

This Technical Information specifies a selection of building material adopted for the construction of the distributor cap 2.8159, mounted on car models produced in the 60thies Fiat 500. Original caps where manufactured with Bakelite, widely used until the late '50s.