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The story of Italians like us
The story of Italians like us

Today we are telling you the story of some colleagues working in a company close to Turin called Facet.

Historical factory in the sensors industry, owned by the Andriano family, Facet has been developing and producing in Italy since 1946 and today is facing the critical situation caused by COVID-19 pandemic, as many other Italian companies are.

“The first issue to be sorted out has been the protection of our employees” Mauro Andriano, Operation Director in Facet, says. “We have designed and changed the production lines’ layouts once again to assure the distance between operators and we have split the daily routine in 2 shifts to keep the productive capacity stable with structured timetables reducing the number of operators per shift. We have strengthened the sanitation service in our departments and offices and provided people with disinfectants. Our safeguard is meant to protect families at first and avoid contacts between workmates. In few days we developed a web linking system with working tools to let people work from home efficaciously”

“Our teams’ reactivity has been amazing” Daniele Andriano, R&D Director, affirms. “In little time all the employees have managed with the situation, being helped and getting autonomous to keep on working at the same office pace from home”.

The Facet plant and the logistics staff keeps on working, caring about the health and respecting rules of conduct: people never stop thinking responsibly at the economical protection of the company and employees’ families.

We asked for a last consideration about this period and Carla Anna Zucca, Sales and Marketing Director, replied: “We are living hard times but we are Italian, we go through troubles with strength and determination, devoting ourselves completely and together, with sense of humanity, we show our deep soul”